We only use the best products and equipment, combined with our trained beauty therapists to ensure a natural even colour for ALL skin types.

About the process and your visit

Disposable paper thongs are available, it is advisable to bring a umbrella with you, or/and arrange suitable transport after the treatment. As a normal rule, subject to no delays in booking schedules, it will take around 15 minutes for the spray tan to be applied. However, if the weather is particularly hot, the solution may take a little longer to dry and consequently times may vary slightly. As a matter of course, all clients should have exfoliated before attendance and if possible be free from moisturizer, deodorant and perfume (loose fitting clothes are not essential, but advisable).

If unsure, please contact us to discuss and in all events, if you have a history of allergies or a sensitive skin a test MUST be done prior to the final day. We currently use a number of top quality solutions from "Fake Bake, Sienna Sun and White To Brown" and our therapist will discuss with you the best options for your skin type and occasion.