Forget the hype, these machines use a very simple, but effective principlly based on Newtons Law of Gravity"and used correctly will allow you to loose inches, tone your body and feel energized.

Part of our success with these machines has been the one to one inductions, we do not simply show you the machine and expect you to find your own way. Like any exercise regime you must be prepared to use frequently, albeit just 10 minutes per day and a minimum of 3 times a week. If you cannot sustain this, then as any fitness regime, it is probably not for you.

Used correctly you may:
» Burn Fat.
» Loose Weight.
» Increase Flexibility.
» Increase Muscle Tone.
» Increase and promote Blood Circulation.
» Increase Bone Density.
» Reduce the appearance of Celulite
» Reduce Varicose Veins.

Sleep patterns seem to benefit from regular use and we have received numerous statements from clients confirming that they have lost dress sizes and feel so much better for the use of these machines.

Sessions from as little as £2.00 per session, based on a 15 session block.

We have used other machines that claim to give similar results and they are not in the same league as the Flabelos, as normal you only get what you pay for and copies give short and not long terms results and must be judged accordingly. If they did work we would not be wasting our money on equipment that costs over three times the cost to buy.

Personal Trainers are also available for those who wish a specific training regime and possible life style change.. Although we do not employ personal trainers ourselves, we have a number as clients and they are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements in the comfort of your own home. One area of expertise that they enjoy is "cardio vascular" rehabilitation, a highly trained and specific area of personal training and not to be under valued for its benefits. (This is a separate area of personal training and as such only certain personal trainers are registered, those who have under gone intensive training on this subject and meet stringent criteria) details on request.